Thursday, August 27, 2009

No house this time...

So, we heard back from the realtor. The house we were interested in has been sold. Disappointment sets in.

We learned something though...that we really do want to move. That we really are ready to start preparations to sell our house and find another. We know we are tired of a few of the troublesome characters in the neighborhood. We'd like a bit more space, a little more privacy, and not to have to deal with an iced-down alleyway in the winter.

We will keep our eyes open...

Just a jumble of things...

My, my, my that's a lot of birds! Have I gone completely crazy and added a full-sized aviary with residents in tow? No, no...we went to the "Wings Down Under" exhibit at the Milwauke Zoo. It was a good time. Joe could hardly get me to leave. It was hard to keep me from reprimanding others on how to handle birds as well. Joe calls me Parakeet Girl for a reason, I guess. Anyway, we spent nearly two hours in with the birds. More pictures another time.

Once we got home we showered and then visited with our lovely flock. Didn't want them picking up any diseases or anything from the zoo gang. Just need to be careful.

We've been busy being a bit lazy, actually. We had a Tiki Garden Party a couple weekends ago, there was a lot of prep, and afterwards, after a successful and lovely party, we just sort of crashed and took it easy. Now I've got to get back to getting things done.

I finally saw a new doctor about my fibroid situation. She is wonderful. It was such a breath of fresh air to really be listened to. To have someone on my side, and to have good suggestions, and the time to explain my options. Unfortunately, given the pain I'm in pretty much all the time now, and the size of my fibroid and uterus, the best option I have is a complete hysterectomy. Joe and I talked it over. The deal is, let's just get this done and move on. Time for me to feel better. I expect my general energy level and sense of well-being will improve big time once this is over. I hope so. Hopefully, the surgery will be completed by end of September or early October. Just in time for my 46th birthday. I'm feeling old for so many reasons...

In other news...Joe and I happened by a house for sale last weekend on the Root River Parkway in West Allis. We really haven't been looking, but talk about it now and then. Especially when we get frustrated with our neighbors, or the snow plow situation in the alleyway. Anyway, we liked the look of the place, so I looked it up. It seems to be a great deal, probably due to the present economy for one thing. But it also looks to need some work.

It's a 50's style, masonry and frame house. On a lot of land. Lots of trees and privacy. Kind of has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel. Was built in 1953. We're trying to get in to see the inside before deciding to pursue it.

If it doesn't work out we'll be fine. But the idea is pretty darn exciting. And nerve-wracking. A hysterectomy and a new house all in the next few months? Isn't that how things go???

More soon...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whistle Duet

Google likes mischief. As evidenced in the photo here. He was impatient and wanted a snack, so decided to dive into the food bin instead of waiting for me to freshen up his dish. He's good at mischief.

Another thing Google is good at is whistling. Originally I started trying to teach him "Funkytown". He tried, but it sort of morphed into his own call. So, now, when he's in the mood, he whistles and I follow instead. Next up, I'll work on the harmony part.

In the meantime, check out this short video of Googles whistling talents.

Enjoy! And thanks for watching!