Friday, August 29, 2008

The Final Countdown

3...2...1...Over...Well, just about over. It's the final weekend for voting in the Hallmark Your Funny*ness card contest. The final countdown, the end of the road, the last dance, last chance for romance tonight. Oh, wait, I've segued into a Donna Summer classic.
Did someone throw the cake out in the rain yet?

Okay, this is just nuts. Wait, that's it. Some days are just nuts. Sounds like the theme of a greeting card. A really funny greeting card. One with a very amusing photo of a squirrel on it.

Enough of this craziness. The final two days of voting in the card contest are upon us. They have now clouded the online vote status in a veil of secrecy. You can still vote, but they won't show you the results.

So, maybe, just maybe (oh sure, click my heels together three times and it'll happen) when the lights come up, and the final votes are tallied, and the results are posted Mr. Squirrel will find himself a winner. Uh, probably not. But does that mean we shouldn't try?

Does it mean that all the cupcakes I baked, the cookies I baked, the fliers I printed and handed out, the people I met, the excitement I felt, the Hallmark card store tour, the t-shirts we wore, the campaigning, the printed cards available in stores, were all for naught? I think NOT! It was fun. It was a brief moment in time. One moment in time. (Oh, sorry, another diva song). It was my Warhol share of the limelight. My 15 minutes. I even got one of my cards in the mail with a request for an autograph! (Thank you, Fred!)

Maybe we should try. Just one more rally. Would'ya, could'ya, double-dare'ya. Will you vote for me please? One last time? Or maybe two? For the good times.

Hey, you take the good, you take the bad, and then you have...oh, don't make me say it...the facts of life...

Let us climb every mountain. We'll be strong. We'll be invicible. We'll be Squir-rel!

Thankyou, folks. Thankyouverymuch!

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