Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Parakeet Tree

Last winter I got this great idea to make a tree for the birds. Along the lines of a coffee mug tree, but sized bigger for the birds. Using a drill and saw aren't exactly my strong points. I can drill a hole, no problem. But drilling and cutting and assembling to specifications, that's a bit of a challenge for someone clumsy like me.

So, after several tries at getting the diameter of the holes right for putting the smaller dowels through (and working out how to drill the hole without destroying the post), I was finally able to assemble the piece. It's not as stable as I'd like it to be, but it's pretty good. I thought about painting it with food coloring or kool-aid, but haven't gotten 'round to that yet. In the meantime, I set it up next to the big playgym on one of the desks in birdland and waited to see what would happen.

Over the next couple months the birds began using it. One, maybe two at a time. But, lately, and it seems more often close to night-night time, they've all been flocking to the tree. I'll realize they've gotten quiet and I hear them grinding their beaks quietly, then turn from the computer to see the tree branches full. The Parakeet Tree is a success.

It seems they think they should be able to sleep there all night. Something I haven't permitted. But, you know, it kind of makes sense. In the wild I'm sure they congregate in trees, settling in on branches, well camouflaged by leaves and flowers, and drift off to sleep there. So, it seems right that they've taken to filling in the branches on The Parakeet Tree each night.

Plus, it makes a great photo.

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claireakeet said...

I just found a "Parakeet Tree" idea in my "The Parakeet Handbook" (by Annette Wolter and Immanuel Bermelin). I've had this book for like three years and I just came across the idea now lol. I'm SO excited to try it! I like your version with the dowels...the version in the book is a big bucket of dirt covered with bird gravel, then you stick branches (safe ones, not sprayed with pesticides obviously) into the soil and viola, a tree for climbing.

Anyway, I'm totally psyched to try the idea, but it's night time on a Sunday night in winter...not exactly great conditions for going to the woods to find cool I thought I'd see if there were other parakeet trees out there. And I found yours and it's too cute! Now I'm even more excited for the morning to come :)