Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking the Leap

Yesterday I was out running some errands. Coffee (very important), food (again, important), post office (necessary), Goodwill (just for fun). I found a cool bread box at Goodwill for $4. How cool is that?! It has a roll-top drawer. I've always kind of thought it would be good to have one. Tidy up the clutter on the kitchen counter - half-eaten loaves of bread, rolls, slightly empty bags of chocolate, and so on. So, I took my nifty find and got in line to purchase it.

In front of me was a woman with a cart containing an interesting collection of items. Small shelving units, bits and pieces of crafty kinds of things. She gave me a big smile. Then she went to her register and I to mine. But afterward she stopped me to ask where I got my handbag and scarf. I told her that I made them. She asked if I sold them anywhere and I told her that I planned to, but haven't placed them anywhere yet. She was so excited. So pleasant. We talked for a bit standing near the exit.

Turns out she's an artist and makes jewelry and other things. She's back to school part-time studying art therapy. We talked a little bit about the jewelry she was wearing. About my bags, how they are made. Where I might sell them. She wanted to know how much they were so she could start saving up to buy one. And, she asked for my card. Well, I don't have any cards, but I gave her my number and email. And we agreed to reconnect.

I left the store on cloud nine. Someone, a complete stranger, wanted to purchase something I made. I sold some crochet-embellished gloves at Christmastime, but this was different. I was so excited, I called my sister, Cheryl, to share the news. Then I drove to the shop where I buy a lot of my yarn and showed them the bag, and told them my story. Asked their expertise on pricing. I've been talking with them about teaching a felted bag class, and that discussion was reborn. Perhaps in April.

Anyway, I'm a dreamer. I'm an idea person. But I have a hard time following through on things. Afraid of failure, I suppose. Not atypical. But I'm at that age where if you don't follow some of your dreams where will you be? Where will you have been someday?

So, I'm gathering some of my finished items. I'll put finishing touches on some not-quite-finished items, and get this ball rolling. Today I ordered business cards. So, next time, I'll be ready.

And if it doesn't work out? Oh, you can bet I'll be sad and disappointed. But I'll have lots of presents ready to go come next Christmas. And that wouldn't be so bad either.

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