Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something really Bugz me today...

There are ants in my bathroom.  At first there was one.  I kind of let it slide. I didn't want to kill it. In recent years I've developed an acceptance of some of the critters that used to really frighten me. A spider in the basement once meant a high-decibel scream for someone else to come along and "take care of it".  After that I'd feel all creepy-crawly, and I'd avoid the basement for days.

I've mellowed a bit.  I can let most spiders slide. After all, they are supposed to eat other bugs, including, eck, centipedes.  So, I've learned to appreciate a spider or two (centipedes, never!).

The past few summers have yielded ants.  The source of entrance pretty obvious, doorways, open windows.  I don't like to use harsh or toxic chemicals in my home, for my safety, the environment, and, of course, my pets safety.  So, I use vinegar.  Spray undiluted vinegar along the doorways, window frames, etc., and it seems to help.

A couple weeks back I noticed an ant crawling in the bathroom while I showered. Like I said, I let it slide. I mentioned it to Joe, who said he hadn't noticed anything.  A day or two later there were a couple more. I talked to them.  I asked "what are you doing in here? You should be outside".  They kind of ignored me. I got a piece of paper, let them crawl on, then took it outside and shook it off.  I have the power to remove it without killing it, so why not?  I know, some would say I'm crazy. But any time I step on a bug I feel instant remorse. If I can put it outside, I do.

Flash forward another few days, more ants.  I mention it to Joe again.  He says he didn't notice. I say to look again, and, well, "take care of it".  I've just hired a hit man to do my dirty work.

Maybe he did take care of it, maybe not.  Couldn't say for sure, since now there are at least a dozen ants in the bathroom and a few are making their way into the rest of the house.  I shift into hit-man mode myself and get the fly swatter.  I find as many as I can.  Then I rinse them down the drain, sweep them up, and mop the floors. I also spray full-strength vinegar in the window frame in the bathroom where I think they're coming in. Take that!

I don't feel quite as guilty this time.

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