Friday, January 2, 2009

And the sunlight danced upon his hair...

That curly hair, dappled with sunshine. Photos from a summer day not so long ago. A miracle in action, many months into treatment for OMS. That is Nathan. A bundle of laughter, and personality. A ball of energy. A delight.

I asked for your prayers. Your good wishes. Your kindness of the human soul, and you answered. Thank you!

Nathan's surgery went very well today. Could not have gone better, in fact. The operation lasted little more than two hours. They were able to remove the entire, walnut-sized tumor, and did so without any complications. All organs, and arteries intact. Hallelujah!

They also did a bone marrow test. A previous osteoscan showed no affect of the neuroblastoma to the bone, but this will give a definitive answer. Pray it's clean, clean, clean.

The pathology will not be back on the tumor for a week or more. So, we must wait. In the meantime, Nathan is resting and on pain medication to keep him comfortable for the next few days. When we visited tonight he was sleeping. He woke for a bit, long enough to request his SHREK dvd be played.

When I kissed him goodnight, I was struck by what a courageous boy he is. Not unlike so many of the other children whose stories I've read recently. Children plagued by childhood cancer, or other horrific diseases or challenges. How they just keep plugging away. Look into the face of a child and see your true self. Somewhere deep inside each one of us, that innocence exists.

Let us resurrect it. Treasure it. Share it. May the preciousness of a child live on and on and on. Bless Nathan. Bless them all...

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