Monday, January 5, 2009

A much better day...

Today was a much better day. When I went to visit my nephew Nathan this evening the difference in his condition was amazing. He was in the playroom with his parents when I arrived. We took a walk around the medical wing. Then it was time for Nathan to actually have his first post-surgery meal. And he was ready for it!

He was clearly feeling much better today. Smiling, laughing. Not in such pain. They have taken him off most of the post-surgery meds. We did a lot of playing after dinner. He likes to play with cameras, snapping pictures. Manages to get some good ones, too.

He and I played "curly hair". I messed mine up and made him laugh. This time without pain. Thank goodness. It's hard to believe he was so miserable yesterday. They really do "turn a corner" quickly, as the docs say. Let's hope this lasts and lasts.

They got the bone marrow results back today and it was negative for any cancer cells. HUZZAH! That is something to celebrate.

They took a post-surgery CT scan today. Pray the results come back in their favor. And the pathology report is still due. Then they will know what the next step will be. In some cases of Neuroblastoma, based on the staging of the tumor, chemotherapy isn't required. It would be such a blessing if that was the case. But we will not know for certain for a while yet.

In the meantime, Nathan is in great spirit, and, there is talk of him being able to go home soon. I'll have to make a longer drive to see him then. But you won't hear me complaining.

Vive' la Nathan!

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