Friday, February 20, 2009

The Kids are Alright

My little gang of feathered children sure do amaze and entertain. They touch my heart, and my funny bone, too. It's been three weeks since we brought Google home. The gang seems to be settling in with him. They aren't best friends yet, but they do seem to snack at the same snack bar on occasion. And sometimes the little budgies don't fly away when big, bumbling Google comes along to play. Not that Google is really big, but in the context of a budgie, he seems that way.

He fits nicely on my shoulder. My hand. He likes to nap on both. It's so cute to watch him struggle to stay awake--like a little child (and some grown-ups) not wanting to miss anything. When he can barely keep his eyes open, and his head starts bobbing towards sleep he'll try hard to shake it off. Shake his head quickly back and forth. Like I do when I've been driving too long and I'm so tired, but eager to make it to my destination. Sometimes I sing to him when he does this, and it seems to relax him. Before I know it he's tucked his Google-head into his wings and is cozy and asleep within distance of a quick kiss. He's a good nuzzler, too.

The only other bird who will nap on my shoulder or hand is Tori. He's content to sit quietly on my shoulder, grinding his beak. Occasionally he will go ahead and nap there. Unfortunately, when he does spend too much time napping there it means he's not feeling well and a trip to the vet is evident. Fortunately that hasn't happened for some time now.

We tried a new snack tonight. "Honey Nut" Chex cereal. Everyone likes it. There were two birds hanging off the side of my head, and two on my hand snacking away. They like to nibble at it while I hold it from my lips. I know, I know, it's crazy. It's not how I feed them every day. It's a form of play.

Right now the budgies are buzzing the room. Texter likes to buzz low, around my head, over Google's head. Google looks on with fascination. I'm certain he longs to take flight and buzz the room, too. His wings are clipped lightly, so he's got a little air power. Mostly just enough to make for a safe landing on the floor, or my desk.

Google is sitting on my desk, trying desperately to type on the keypad. He seems quite fascinated with it. I whistle at him. He whistles back. This will go on for a while.

And when bedtime comes, as we prepare for night-night, he'll start up whistling even more. Showing off, wanting my attention, hoping to stay up just a little bit later. He'll get this whole nighttime routine eventually. In the meantime, I'm a sucker for an entertaining Google.


babbler said...

You are making me want to go straight to the pet store and buy a budgie! I loved my little birdie bird when I had him. Your stories remind me of how special and smart they are. The routine is heartwarming, and it gives me that feeling of getting "tucked in" before bedtime! Thanks! BTW, I liked your comment on the Love Farm over at Slug's Rest! Love to all from Mrs. Slug! Nitey Nite!

kmbrco said...

Thank you, Mrs. Slug! Sometimes I am tired after a long day, and the night-night ritual just seems to be too much. But then I get started, and the time spent cleaning, talking and singing with the birds, and then tucking them in seems to be a way for me to wind down, too.

Do you think Mr. Slug would appreciate a little budgie pal?