Sunday, June 22, 2008

How do you do?

How do you do? My name is Kimberly. I'm married. Live in the Milwaukee area. I have a very sweet, quiet-natured husband, and four very lively parakeets (budgies). I have a passion for photographing the parakeets, and have videos posted featuring them on Youtube.

Lots of viewers have asked questions about raising parakeets, and I have so many photos to share, that I thought I'd start this blog. Although, it will probably contain all kinds of photos, raves, rantings, musings, wanderings, etc., on a variety of subjects.

I'm a novice gardener, into arts and crafts, photography, music. I sing. I crack jokes. I crack wise (and sometimes not-so-wise), and torture my husband (lovingly, of course).

The most exciting thing to happen to me lately is that I've been a finalist in a Hallmark card contest. I created a "Shoebox" card using one of my original photos, entered it in the contest, and am now one of 18 finalists. All of the finalists cards are being sold in Hallmark stores across the country. And voting is ongoing online until the end of August. You can vote once per day, per person at the contest website:

If you wish to purchase any of the cards you can purchase them online, or visit your local Hallmark store. Purchases do not count towards contest votes, however. Voting is free.

Well, that's it. My first post. I'll be back soon.


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