Friday, June 27, 2008

Still at 2.2%...bummer

Well, it seems my numbers may be increasing (although they don't give you any actual numbers to go by), but the lead cards (Lincoln and The Baby) are gaining percentages, so my stats just seem to linger and linger at 2.2%.

I discovered that Lincoln's creator got a big plug from the TV station he produces for in Detroit, so I'm guessing that's helping push his numbers up. And The Baby? How do you compete with a baby?

The sales stats for the cards are interesting - the "facelift" card is in the lead. I'm guessing women across America are finding that card very amusing. I'd like to think The Squirrel is in the Top 10, but they only list the Top 5. At least I can fantasize he's in the Top 10.

I have posters put up on the windows of my car. I saw a woman reading it today when I was on my way to my car, but then she looked away. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, but I resisted the urge to chase her down and make her commit to voting.

I met a woman in our store today who works at a local Hallmark store. I shared info with her on the contest, since she was unaware of it. She is going to bring up the subject at her store meeting. I told her she should suggest putting up a big display that promotes The Squirrel. Ha-ha...

I haven't let Mr. Squirrel know that he isn't winning. I'd hate for him to get depressed.
It's bad enough he can't seem to find his nuts...

If anyone is actually reading this blog, will you leave a comment. Just a quick "Hello"?

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

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