Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please, please, please can I have your vote?

Hello Folks,

For those that haven't been badgered with emails about it already,
I am a finalist in a Hallmark Shoebox card contest. The winner is the person
to receive the most amount of votes by the end of August. Voting is online.
Each person can vote once per day up until the end of the contest.

Out of 18 finalists, I am still in 13th place. Since there is a very cute baby card up at first/second place, I doubt I will win. However, I'd like to crack the Top 10.

Local "M" magazine was supposed to publish a small bit about the contest in their July issue, but it got knocked out by some other story. And they already have the August issue staked out. So, I won't be getting any extra publicity in that manner. They did show interest in doing a story if I win...

I'm asking for your votes, folks. I promise not to raise taxes. I promise no mud-slinging. Just honest-to-goodness votes for the cutest darn squirrel photo with amusing caption. Send a link to a friend or family member. To someone who likes squirrels. To someone who sometimes feels like the underdog. After all, how do you compete with a cute baby card anyway?

If you feel like purchasing the actual card, it should be available at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store. But purchases do not count towards the contest, so it's unnecessary. But it makes a good every day funny card.

Thanks for your vote!
I'm Kimberly Mackowski and I approve this message.

1 comment:

Joe said...

You've got my vote. Your card is the funniest and cutest. I want a tee shirt with it on the back. Love, your husband Joe