Friday, July 4, 2008

Happiness is a birdie on my head

Tonight Texter was brave. He was curious. He wanted to go where the other birdies go. Onto my nose, eyeglasses, and head. I can tell the relationship is going well when my birdies finally decide to sit on my head. Why is it so interesting to them? Because that's the highest point on my person, and they want to sit up there? Because my hair is up there and they like to preen me? Miss Pixel likes to preen my eyebrows and eyelashes. It tickles, and its sweet.

So, tonight, as I was getting the birdies ready for bedtime, Texter decided it was time for him to take the leap. To see what it was all about. To preen me. Then, of course, the others had to join him. Miss Pixel, then Pumpkin. Tori took a seat on my shoulder instead. Before you know it, Texter will be flying over to sit atop my head while I'm at the computer, just like the others do.

And so, I'm happy.

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