Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hay-elp! Hay-elp! Someone forgot to vote...

Well, gee, gosh-darn-doggone-it anywayzzzzz...we're slipping in the polls again. We had finally gotten up to 2.6% and now we've slipped back down to 2.5%. Ohhhh, fudgsicle! On my visit to the Hallmark contest website tonight I discovered a decline. I'm sure it's just a temporary glitch. We'll bounce back and then some, right?

Meanwhile, Mr. Squirrel is dreaming of a winter with lots of nuts in store.

There are only 53 voting days left in the contest, folks. Let's give that cute little baby a run for his money, honey. Remember: (vote for the squirrel)

I promise, I'll send good wishes out to you all.

Many thanks,
Kimberly & Mr. Squirrel (seen here napping on a sunny day this past winter)

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