Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Pixel would like your attention

Miss Pixel wants to remind you to vote, vote, vote for Mr. Squirrel and his card at the contest website Well, okay, maybe not. What she really wants is the attention of her three male companions - Tori, Pumpkin, and Texter. All of whom were playing up above her house, and not inside, with her. Check out the video and see how she makes her feelings known.

As you can see by the wild fluttering of her wings, Miss Pixel is clearly demanding something. It is my interpretation that she wants her friends attention. I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

She is the only one of the four that does this. A short while after we brought her home I noticed she would do this when Tori and Pumpkin were hanging out together, or spending time with me. Although she is very fond of me, I'm certain it was Tori and Pumpkin's attention she was looking for.

The dynamics were interesting. At first it seemed as though Tori and Miss Pixel might be an item. See the video "A Very Awkward Moment" for further example. After a while, it became clear that Pumpkin was not going to back off in the pursuit of Miss Pixels affections. I was worried that Tori would be lonely without his best friend, Pumpkin, to pal around with. And that he would feel rejected by Miss Pixel. (Oh, how we humans do like to project our feelings onto others...) Anyway, Tori did have me to play with. Our strong bond has continued to grow. And, after a while, the trio did seem to settle in to their places.

But, then, we added Texter. Another male who definitely is fond of Miss Pixel. Miss Pixel does seem to return some of that affection, but, so far, I think the majority of her affections are reserved for Pumpkin, and, herself. She is a confident little Diva after all.

More on this little parakeet soap opera another time...

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