Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You've got to have friends

Look at those two. Pumpkin and Tori. I often find them sitting like this. So close. Chattering to each other, or just sitting quietly. Sometimes with their eyes closed, sometimes not. Sometimes Tori is chattering quietly and Pumpkin just nudges in close, closer, closest. They have been friends a long time now. Nearly two years.
From the first day we brought Pumpkin home they were buds. Eager to be near each other. Not that they didn't have issues. Pumpkin is like that little brother that wants to follow big brother everywhere. To do what he does. Eat what he eats. Play with his toys, and so on. But their bond is a strong one. And though we've added the adorable Miss Pixel, and the playful Texter, they are as strong of friends as ever. And that's encouraging to see. To watch. To know.
Because, even though life brings constant change, some things remain true. Though the dynamics may be different, the amount of time spent together altered, knowing someone for who they are, for where you've been together, what you've been through. That's something we can hold on to. Something special. Everyone needs friends. Parakeets, even.

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