Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birds to the left of me, birds to the right...

Something interesting is happening now that Tori is feeling better. He's returned to some behaviors from the early days, when he first joined the family. He was the sole birdie in the house then, so he spent a lot of time with me. He sat in the living room with me, perched on my shoulder as I went from room to room in the house. He nestled under my chin while I lay on the couch. It was a sweet time. He discovered that sitting on top of my glasses, and, even better, on top of my nose, allowed him a position of parakeet power. Plus, it was damn cute.

This past weekend, Tori had an early bad morning. A little sickness. But improved throughout the day. By Sunday he was much better. And was being very attentive to me. Surprisingly, he flew to my shoulder and stayed there when I left the bird room. Normally, these days, he would fly back to one of the playgyms. This time he went with me. He even went to living room and sat on my shoulder, sweetly, as I watched a few minutes of television.

Not long after that, he and I returned to birdland, where Google joined us. With Google on one shoulder, and Tori on another, I walked to our bedroom where Joe was watching the bird feeders out the window. Both Google and Tori went quickly to Joe. And I snapped some photos.
It's been a long time since Tori was this adventurous. I'm not sure if it's so much that he's feeling better, or a little bit of jealousy over the fact that Google likes to spend more of his time with us humans than with the rest of the birds. Maybe he felt a little competitive. Maybe.

In any case, I'm enjoying the fun, and I'm relieved (yet still cautious) to have my Tori back in better health. It's taken quite a while. I hope it continues.

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Silverpaw said...

Thats just adorable! Love the beautiful picture of tori and google. :)Happy weekend.