Sunday, May 10, 2009


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my Mom. To a woman who raised four daughters through trials and tribulations. To a woman who now has a total of seven fabulous grandchildren (none of which I contributed). To a woman with a grand sense of humor, and a grand heart to go with it.
I love you, Mom.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my sisters. Each of whom has brought beautiful children into this world. Their dedication to their children, their ability to seemingly do it all, amazes me. I have one sick bird and I can't sleep at night. I don't know how a mother copes with the worry while raising a child. But they all do it. And each one of their kids is a complement to them and the world. I love you, Laura, Jackie and Cheryl.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the women I call friends. The gift of nurturing is not exclusive to those with children. You make my life better just by being in it.



Cloud said...

Hi Kimberly!
Its cloud streams from you tube!
I am So happy tori is getting better.
Happy mothers day to you!

kmbrco said...

Hi Cloudstreams from youtube! Thanks for checking out my blog. Come back often!

Silverpaw said...

I will! Thanks!