Monday, May 18, 2009

Tempting fate...

We were down to one med per day. Tori had one bad day a week ago, then was doing well again. Until this morning. I discovered he had thrown up during the night or very early morning. I watched him carefully while I got ready for work. He seemed to be eating fine, flying about. Stopped by to help me dry my hair (don't know why, but he likes to sit on my hand while I dry my hair). I went off to work at least knowing we have an appt with the vet on Wednesday. Maybe this was a fluke. It didn't seem he had thrown up much. The only evidence I had was that his feathers around his face were matted down.

My husband, Joe, got home early today. I called home from work as I was running late. He informed me that Tori had thrown up again. That his face and feathers were really a mess. I asked him to check for evidence in the bottom of the cage, but he wasn't sure what he was looking for. As soon as I got home I went in to see the birds. Tori did look a mess, but he was eating. I took a look at the tray in the cage. There were several piles of thrown up seeds. He'd thrown up a lot. Not a good sign.

I changed my clothes. Picked up Tori, put him on my shoulder. Then we went to the living room. Joe brought Google. The two of them puttered about on the coffee table where we put a small playgym and a small dish of food and water. Tori threw a toy ball off the table several times. He talked to me quite a bit, I expect telling me how crappy his day had been. I sang to him, he sang along. He wouldn't leave my shoulder so I could prep dinner, so I had Joe help me. While dinner was in the oven Tori and I sat with Joe in the living room and Tori took a nap on my shoulder. When dinner was ready he was reluctant to leave me. Finally he went up to one of the playgyms.

Now dinner is over and I'm spending time in birdland. Tori is presently on my shoulder and I am considering having him sleep alone in one of the spare birdhouses for the night. That doesn't always work out so well, though. He usually wants to be with the other birds.

I did call the vet from work before I headed home and he said I could start up the anti-nausea med again. Then we'll check things further on Wednesday. Hopefully that will help Tori feel better in the meantime.

My poor baby. He is such a sweet, sweet boy. It seems every time I blog that he is doing better he relapses. Am I tempting fate? Dooming him to illness? That's crazy talk, I know. But it sure is upsetting and disheartening.

Keep him in your prayers, dear readers. If you don't mind. I love him like you wouldn't believe.



Cloud said...

Hi Kimberly. I feel so terrible about poor Tori. The poor little guy! How old is he, because maybe it's old age? I highly doubt that, because you take such good care of him. I think I found the perfect budgie for me, one that my dad wouldn't mind. He is light blue, like mouse.
We might be getting him today! Yes!

Also, please check out my blog at

kmbrco said...

Hello Cloud...
Thanks for asking about Tori. He is only 3 years old, so it's not old age. They can live to be 15 with good care, diet, exercise, and lots of love. He is a little better. We got a new medicine to try. The avian vet is a very good one. You'll need to make sure you have one in your area just in case. I looked at your blog. I love the name you have picked out...Widget. Very cute and clever. Let me know if/when you get him.

Cloud said...

Hi Kimberly!
That's good to hear that he's feeling a little better. That's good to know that they live that long, because I just, at 5:35, purchased my first, and adorable budgie. It's one that I have been seeing at the pet shop for about 6 weeks. She is adorable. We got a 50 dollar cage for ten dollars, used. I had to use bleach water to disinfect.
Her name is cloudie. we're going to get Widget soon. :D
Any tips on how to get her to trust me more?


kmbrco said...

Congrats, Cloud! It just takes time. Talk sweetly. Be gentle. Sing to her. She'll get used to you. Sounds like you got a great deal on the cage, and you were right to disinfect it.
Parakeets like fresh veggies. Mine love broccoli, little carrot strips, and spinach leaves. You can try enticing Cloudie with some once she's settled in. Did you have her wings clipped a little? It's helpful when training. I usually have my pet shop/breeder do that for me. Doesn't cost much, and they know what they're doing.

Cloud said...

when I speak to her, she opens and closes her mouth like she is trying to say something. its too cute! No, I didn't get her wings clipped. She buzzes around my room for a few minutes until she lands back in there. Fresh veggies? I tried a carrot skin. She chewed it up greedily. :D Thanks for all the great help! I'll be putting some pics up of her soon!

Happy memorial weekend,
Cloud and Cloudie.

P.s. I will be praying for tori to feel better! :)