Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sunday Night in Birdland

It was a busy day in Birdland. Joe and I did not work today, so we were home most of the time, which mean lots of time out on the playgyms and buzzing the room for the gang. Mouse (pictured above) had a big day, as he buzzed the room for the first time. His flight feathers are finally settling in and he is able to fly short distances, and tonight buzzed the room once entirely with the rest of the gang. You could see the pride in his stance after he'd landed on the playgym on top of his house. He was a happy birdy. I gave him much praise and pointed out to the rest of the birds Mouse's achievement. They pretty much ignored me. Still, it was a happy moment.

Tori continues to do better. I can just see it in him. We have a recheck at the vet on Wednesday. I'm hoping for more good news, that his wellness will continue. It's been such a long road. It's so good to see him playing heartily, tossing toys off the playgyms, buzzing the room, sharing secrets with Pumpkin, eating with gusto.

Blogger and Texter seem to have a blast racing each other around the room, flying from playgym to playgym, and buzzing my head while I'm at the computer. Miss Pixel continues to play the field, and now it seems Blogger may be somewhat enamored of her as well.

Texter seems to be making friends with Google. They tend to follow each other around sometimes.

So, all is well tonight in birdland. Everyone is tucked in snug and sleeping away. I'm including a link to a video that gives a sample of the evening. Enjoy if you wish...

Goodnight from birdland...

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